Book Review on Altered Atmosphere by Mark Watson

Altered Atmosphere is one of the latest novels to hit the shelves of most book stores. Book Review Magazine has already announced that it is going to be one of the best selling books of the year and it is only getting better. I for one am going to be picking up a copy when it gets released at the end of the month.

This book is about a man who is a former soldier that has been given a mission to go and investigate strange things that are happening in different parts of the world. He is to find out what they are and then write an article about the information he finds for the Military Journal that he was given the assignment for. Along the way he has to face some very dangerous situations along the way, some of which are very difficult to understand.

The main character in this book is a military man who is named Mark Watson and he writes articles for a military journal. He is assigned by his superiors to go to Japan to investigate strange lights and phenomena, things that have been seen in the skies over Japan.

When he gets there he learns that the government of Japan wants him to help them with their war effort, they want him to go and inspect the areas where the strange lights are being sighted. But Mark knows that this is a mistake and he knows that the government wants him to do just that. But Mark also knows that this is something that he has to do if he wants to make it in the Military Journal.

The novel itself is quite interesting as it follows Mark’s trip to Japan. It is very well written as it is filled with interesting characters and plot twists that keep you on your toes all the way through. It is so captivating that you are going to want to read it again.

Book Review Magazine even gave Altered Atmosphere four out of five stars. I’m sure that it will be a hit with any fan of science fiction and action and I hope that more people pick it up, so that they can enjoy this wonderful story.

Book Review Magazine also had a lot to say about the author’s skills as an author. Mark Watson has some very good things to say about his experiences and he has written some very good material that I have never seen before. He even made it clear that he has a flair for writing and I have learned a lot from this book as I have done from many of his previous novels.

So if you have not yet picked up the book Altered Atmosphere then I highly recommend that you do so as soon as possible. You will find that the story is very good and I am sure that if you have read anything by Mark Watson then you will not be disappointed.

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